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Van London is proud to be a part of the AlpHa Measurement Solutions family of brands.

Founded in 1961, Van London manufactures a wide variety of electrodes, sensors, assemblies and accessories for pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, and Ion-Specific for OEM customers worldwide. Direct Replacements for laboratory, titration, biotech or industrial applications are available for all major brands.

With complete machine and glass blowing shops, Van London produces industrial sensors designed for maximum performance in Harsh Industrial Environments. Van London is proud of its long history of innovation and R&D to produce designs that enable our business partner’s success.

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Our History

Gregory S Van London - Founder

Van London Company was founded in 1961 by Gregory (“Greg”) Van London as a distributor focused mainly on the end-users of liquid analytical equipment. Greg possessed a special dedication to providing products and services which met, and in many cases, exceeded customers’ expectations. Van London housed a Machine Shop, Assembly Department, and QC Department that afforded the company the ability to customize and improve upon the products it purchased from other manufacturers.

Not being satisfied with the delays and inflexibility of then-available manufacturing companies, Greg opened pHoenix Electrode Company in 1975 as a vertically integrated manufacturing facility for electrodes. It boasted a full machine shop, a glass blowing department, and production line, allowing for the complete manufacturing of special, custom and direct replacement electrodes.

The two sister-companies complimented each other, maintaining a commitment to providing quality products in a time-efficient manner to meet the customized needs of each customer. Van London Company focused on end-users with a specialty in harsh industrial environments, while pHoenix Electrode Company serviced the international laboratory, private label, and OEM markets. The two companies were subsequently combined into one entity in 2007, creating additional synergies for future business expansion.

Van London served world-wide industries including industrial, laboratory, biotech, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, municipalities, wastewater treatment and many others. Product lines included pH, Dissolved Oxygen (“DO”), Conductivity, Ion Selective (“ISE”), Chlorine, and Oxidation Reduction Potential (“ORP”).

Committed to continuous improvements in our business, Van London invested in consolidating, expanding, and improving our manufacturing space, resulting in 35,000 square feet of space for our state-of-the-art, stream-lined, manufacturing facility. The manufacturing plant includes sophisticated machine and glass-blowing shops, bar-code tracking technology, and other strategic investments that improved productivity and quality.

In 2019, Van London was acquired by AlpHa Measurement Solutions and merged with Analytical Sensors & Instruments. The AlpHa Measurement Solutions consolidated ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing campus is located in Southwest Houston, Texas, USA, and employs a diverse workforce of over 250 employees.

Our Research & Development Department plays a key role in creating new and innovative products, helping AlpHa remain a technology and application thought leader in the industry. As well, our professional sales and marketing teams help ensure high levels of customer service and satisfaction.


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