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Speartip pH Let’s have some fun with pH.
pH (p?'?ch') noun
A numerical measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, usually measured on a scale of 0-14.
The definition of pH seems so simple, but ask any employee at Van London Co. and you’ll realize it goes far beyond its modest meaning.
The measurement of pH, or pH itself, is extremely significant to everyday life, especially in food. Have the wrong pH and your food could come out tasting, looking, or even growing something strange. Microorganisms like yeast, mold, and bacteria are very sensitive to a food’s pH, and even 1/10th of a difference in the levels can drastically alter the sustainability of food. The pH of wine actually balances sweet and bitter compounds.
Clearly, it’s very important.
Not all solutions measured are fully liquid, which makes ordinary pH measurement difficult. Some samples that need measuring are dense, like fruit, cheeses, or meats. It’s critical to have the proper measuring instruments.
This is why spear-tip electrodes are beneficial. Spear tips are designed with sharp, tapered tips that make piercing samples effortless. With the ergonomic thumb-hold we have placed on the top of some of the electrodes, ease of use has expanded tenfold. Our sensing glass can measure up to .03 pH unit accuracy, something that is imperative in the food industry.
Great design and ease-of-use may be what sets Van London apart, but it’s our sensors reliability and accuracy that keeps our customers coming back. While the concept and ramifications of pH may not be so simple, Van London is in the business of making accuracy matter.
Written by Cassidy Thomas