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Twist-Lock Conductivity Sennsor
Twist-Lock Conductivity Sensor Assembly Diagram

The Twist-Lock sensor, with locking pins and a dual o-ring seal, consists of a 12mm sensor and automatic temperature compensator permanently sealed into the housing. Using the sensor and an adapter, with several different connection sizes available, allows conversion of a standard pipe tee to a flow through sensor assembly.


The mounting system provides for continuous conductivity monitoring and convenient service capability for flow through applications. It can be used in by-pass streams, sample systems, or sensor stations via an adapter and/or pipe tee.

Design Features

Dual external o-rings seal the adapter from any external process leakage. Internally, an o-ring between the sensor and housing prevents process contact with sealing epoxy, while undercutting "keys" sealing epoxy against heat or pressure separation. A ribbed barrel design permits ease of handling. Top threads allow for attachment of conduit if required. Twist-Lock adapters have a visible locking detent 90° from removal slot for positive electrode positioning, and a hexagonal shape for ease of installation or removal.

Standard Sensor Specifications
Electrode Height: 6" Top Threads: ¾" MPT
Maximum Pressure: 150 psig Process Connection: via Adapter (See Accessories)
Housing Material: Ryton® Locking Pins: 304SS
Sensor Material: 316SS & PEEK Connector Type: Spade Lugs
O-ring Material: Viton® (standard) Available Cell Constants: 0.01, 0.1 & 1.0


  C19 "X" "K" 14 - "ZZ" SL
  | | |
  | | Lead length in feet (Standard is 10 feet
  | |
  | Cell Constant
  | 1 = 0.01
  | 2 = 0.1
  | 4 = 1.0
  Automatic Temperature Compensator
  B = PT100 ohm
  L = 10K ohm
Consult the factory for additional options
1500142 316SS T/L Adapter, 3/4" MPT
1600142 Kynar® T/L Adapter, 3/4" MPT
1500143 316SS T/L Adapter, 1" MPT
1600143 Kynar® T/L Adapter, 1" MPT
1102203 PVC Pipe Tee, 1" FPT (Maximum Temperature: 60°C)
1502203 316SS Pipe Tee, 1" FPT
1602203 Kynar® Pipe Tee, 1" FPT


Twist-Lock Conductivity Sensor Assembly Diagram 2
Kynar is a trademark of Pennwalt Corporation Viton and Teflon are trademarks of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Company
Ryton is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company