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Van London Co. manufactures industrial strength electrodes, sensors, assemblies, housings, and accessories for the most demanding environments and processes. Our probes and industrial housings can be custom-designed to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Products include electrodes for pH, Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity, Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Optical Dissolved Oxygen (ODO), Karl Fischer (KF), Ion-Specific (ISE) measurements along with custom designs. Direct and improved replacements for industrial applications are available for all major brands.

Industrial instrumentation offerings include, pH Meters and Transmitters, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Conductivity Meters, Portable Meters, In-Line Retractables, In-Line Fittings, and more.

Van London manufacturing capabilities include a complete machine shop and glass blowing shop. Our engineering expertise can design and produce sensors designed for maximum performance in the harshest environments. We maintain a sizable inventory of sensors, analyzers, and meters to help expedite time-sensitive orders.

Our goal is to consistently produce high quality products that exceed each client’s unique needs, in a timely fashion, at a reasonable cost. It is our desire not only to be a valuable “vendor” but a true “partner” working closely with you to promote success.





Industrial The Twist-Lock sensor and adapter is designed to convert a standard pipe tee into a low cost, low maintenance flow-through sensor assembly. Only a ¼ turn is required for field maintenance or sensor replacement; threading is eliminated. The adapter is available in a variety of materials & connection sizes for easy installation. The Van London Co. Twist-Lock mounting system provides continuous pH, ORP, or Conductivity monitoring with safe and convenient service capability for any flow-through system. Typical installations include by-pass streams, sample systems, or sensor stations.