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AlpHa Measurement Solutions
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Van London maintains strategic partners on an international basis that allows us to provide the perfect total solution / complete package matching our electrodes and pH transmitters with our partners’ meters and instrumentation from the precise lab style to harsh industrial style including Class 1 - Div 1 rating.

Solution Kits & Standards for ISE's


Solution Kits & Standards for our Ion Selective Electrodes

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ISA's & Reference Fill Solutions


 Ionic Strength Adjustment (ISA's) & Reference Fill Solutions used with our Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE's).

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Wiring Adapters

Van London's selection of various wiring adapters and connection gender changing adapters allow you to connect your electrode to virtually any meter or controller.

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Calibration Buffers, Standards, and Reference Fill Solutions

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IC 7685 Ion Concentration Controller

Ion Concentration Controller compatible with Ion Selective Sensors of all types for continuous operation.

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CL 3630 Transmitter for Free Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen

The CL 3630 is a 4/20 mA Isolated Transmitter for Free Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen Systems

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CL 7685 Potentiostatic Free Chlorine Controller

The CL 7685 is a Potentiostatic controller for Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, and Dissolved ozone.

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SZ 7251 Autoclean Flow Cell

Auto cleaning flow cell designed for the in-line or in-flow continuous measurement of Residual Chlorine or Dissolved Ozone in solution.

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SZ7261 - SZ7263 Flow Cells

This flow cell series is designed for the use with potentiostatic residual chlorine monitors.

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pH Simulator Model S250

The Model S250 is a precision pH/ORP Simulator for troubleshooting pH & ORP problems.

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OD8325 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe


Optical dissolved oxygen probe. 4/20 mA and RS 485 output.

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TU8355 Optical Turbidity and Suspended Solids Probe

High turbidity and suspended solids probe. 4/20 mA and RS 485 output.

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Toroidal Conductivity

This Toroidal Conductivity monitoring system consists of a loop powered transmitter and an electrodeless conductivity sensor in a single package. Temperature compensation is accomplished with an RTD Pt100 built-in to the sensor. Application includes water treatment, cooling tower and water monitoring.

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