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CL 3630 Transmitter for Free Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen TEXT SIZE: A A A    PRINT THIS PAGE   EMAIL THIS PAGE

The CL 3630 is a 4/20 mA Isolated Transmitter for Free Chlorine and Dissolved Oxygen Systems


CL 3630
Chlorine - Dissolved Ozone 4/20 mA Transmitter


· Two wire 4/20 mA operation
· Isolated current loop output
· Potentiostatic, polarographic and galvanic sensors input
· LCD display
· Temperature and TC display
· Automatic or manual temperature compensation
· 10/30 Vdc power supply
· Direct connection to PC's
· Din Rail mounting
· Detachable terminal blocks

The transmitters incorporate a large LCD display which is easily readable even from considerable distances.

Transmitters are powered by an external power supply from 10 to 30 Vdc. The same two wires which provide power to the transmitter also carry the 4/20 mA output signal.

The 4/20 mA output is isolated from the input.
The isolation allows the connection to PLC, DCS or Personal Computers accepting 4/20 mA signals.

The transmitter will display temperature and the temperature coefficient values of manual/automatic temperature compensation.
The automatic temperature compensation is achieved with the use of a Pt100.

Detachable terminal blocks and Din Rail mounting enclosure provide for easy field installation.


Potentiostatic sensor: SZ 283.

Flow cells:
SZ 7231 for Cl2/O3 sensor
SZ 7233 for pH, ORP and Cl2/O3 sensors
SZ 7251 auto clean cell for for Cl2/O3 sensor

Polarographic sensors:
CL 7901 Free Chlorine sensor, flow cell and spares
OZ 7901 Dissolved Ozone sensor, flow cell and spares

Galvanic sensors: Please Contact our Sales Department

CL 3630 Transmitter


Display: LCD
Inputs: potentiostatic sensor 3 wires
             polarographic sensor 2 wires
             galvanic sensor 2 wires
Polarization: -200 mV adjustable +/- 800 mV on request
Scales: 0/1.999 - 0/19.99 - 0/199.9 - 0/1999 selectable
             -10.0/120.0 °C
Slope: 0.4 - 4 - 40 µA of the selected scale
Temperature compensation: manual and automatic
Temperature coefficient: 0/4.0 %/°C
(2%/°C for Chlorine / 2.5%/°C for Ozone)
Reference temperature: 20 °C
Zero: adjustable +/- 15%
Sensitivity: adjustable 86/112% (coarse 20/200%)
Output: 4/20 mA isolated
Operating temperature: 0/50°C
Operating humidity: 95% without condensate
Power: 10/30 Vdc
Isolation: 500 V from input to output
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 105 x 95 x 58 mm
Mounting: DIN rail (6 modules)


The technical specifications could be changed without notice.