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Micro Autoclavable Electrodes  

This series of miniature steam, sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small benchtop fermentors and culture apparatus. To conserve space, the electrode of constructed with a 6mm O.D. immersion shaft. When compared to the standard 12mm type, it is relatively small, making it desirable for shallow culture flasks and fermentors.

The immersion “A” length of the electrode can be ordred from 25mm to 300mm.

The electrode can withstand steam sterilization up to 130°C and features the pHoenix detachable cable assembly which is detached during autoclaving.

Electrodes are available with a double junction reservoir. The double junction reference reservoir is recommended, in most cases, for long term stability and life expectancy. A double electrolyte bridge eliminates poisoning caused by the presence of certain ions such as sulfide. Sulfide reacts with silver, forming silver sulfide deposits in the reference junction. The electrode is constructed with an annular ceramic reference junction, concentric with the pH bulb. This eliminates clogging problems that normally occur in most electrodes used in fermentation.

The electrodes are designed to fit all 12mm and 6mm electrode holders or rubber stoppers used in benchtop fermentors.

When ordering, specify immersion length “A”, the distance from the point of penetration inside the vessel to the tip of the probe.

A detachable electrode cable must be ordered separately.

pH Electrodes: Sealed Type pH Electrodes:
A573702-"A"-DL Combination refillable pH electrode, detachable lead connector, 6mm O.D. stem, -5° to 130°C, 0 to 13 pH. S573701-"A"-DL Combination sealed pH electrode, detachable lead connector, 6mm O.D. stem, -5° to 130°C, 0 to 13 pH.
Redox Electrodes: Sealed Type Redox Electrodes:
A579861-"A"-DL Combination refillable redox electrode, detachable lead connector, 6mm O.D. stem, -5° to 130°C. SA79861-"A"-DL Combination sealed redox electrode, detachable lead connector, 6mm O.D. stem, -5° to 130°C.
Electrolyte Solutions: Detachable Electrode Leads:
R001026 Reference A. High-temperature gelled 3M KCl saturated with AgCl for Ag/AgCl reference chamber. 125 ml. 9001071-003 Detachable lead for DL series electrodes, 3-foot miniature coaxial low-noise cable.
R001027 Reference B. High-temperature gelled 3M KCl for electrolyte bridges. 125 ml. 9001071-010 Detachable lead for DL series electrodes, 10-foot miniature coaxial low-noise cable.
R001028 KNO3. High-temperature gelled 1M KNO3 for electrolyte bridges. 125 ml. 9001071-020 Detachable lead for DL series electrodes, 20-foot miniature coaxial low-noise cable.
M000082 30cc syringe. For filling electrode with electrolyte.
Determine cable length and pH meter connector type (i.e. 9001071-010B, 10-foot cable with BNC connector.)
Connector Types:
A. U.S. Standard
C. Radiometer
T. No Connector
M060083 Connector cap for detachable electrode.
M060084 Protective cap for detachable electrode lead.