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VLC Direct Replacement Sensors for ABB/TBI/BAT

ABB (TBI) Controls Replacements
  • Improved Life and Performance
    Van London Co. electrode designs have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications. In most cases, direct replacements will outperform original equipment specifications.
  • Easy, Low Cost Replacement
    Direct replacements are dimensionally matched to existing equipment so that expensive retrofit changes are not necessary. For standardization, simply remove the original element and replace with a Van London Co. equivalent.
  • Quick Order Turn-around
    Housed electrodes consist of two parts: a housing and an electrode. Housings are machined to accept any number of stocked 12mm electrodes and require minimal factory assembly prior to shipment.
  • Custom Styles
    Housings can be machined from numerous materials with several electrode guard designs and various insertion depths. Custom electrode designs can maximize sensor life in harsh environments.
Measuring Types:   GXV - Multi-purpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)
Platinum Band - For ORP measurement (0-130°C)
Antimony - For pH measurement in HF applications, 2-7 pH (0-80°C)


P65Warning WARNING: Cancer -


Reference Types:   SPR - Double junction, solid polymer reference (0-130°C)
Tuff-Tip™ - New design incorporating a larger reference junction, surface area & electrode guard.
LCJ - Dramatically increases the reference junction surface area. Standard material is ceramic, but porous Teflon® and porous Kynar® are available.
Housing Materials: Kynar® and Viton®
Pressure Ratings: TB551 - 100 psi @ 140°C; TB556 - 100 psi @ 80°C
TB557 - 100 psi @ 80°C; TB564 - 300 psi @ 140°C
TB567 - 250 psi @ 100°C


Call with TBI/ABB part numbers for quick cross-referencing to Van London Co. equivalents.
To build your own part number, first determine the electrode style required and then replace X's, Z's & Q's with selections listed in the drop-down menus:


A - 2 0 0 Z - XX BH TBI/Bailey TB551 Replacement
V - 4 0 0 Z - XX BH TBI/Bailey TB556 Replacement
A - 3 0 0 Z - XX BH TBI/Bailey TB557 Replacement
A - 1 0 0 Z - XX BH TBI/Bailey TB567 Replacement
*Note: Platinum Band & Antimony Billet
  | |
  | Lead Length
  | Specify lead length in even feet
  Automatic Temperature Compensator (ATC)
  1 3,000 ohms @ 25°C
  B 100 ohms @ 0°C
5205-118 Twist-Lock Adapter (316SS) for 551
5205-117 Twist-Lock Adapter (epoxy) for 551
3500720 Titanium Sheath, 16" for 557
1600720 Rear Housing for 557
4TB5101-0166 High Pressure Sheath for 567
4TB4953-0060 Gland, hand tightened (316SS) for 557
Additional electrode styles, materials and Wiring Adapters are available.
Consult the factory for options.
9210038 4.00pH, 7.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210037 4.00pH, 7.00pH and 10.00pH (1 pint each)
9210039 7.00pH and 10.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210079 Anti-fouling solution to reduce electrode-coating problems
9210008-125 Electrode storage solution KCl/4.00 pH buffer (125 ml)
Kynar is a trademark of Pennwalt Corporation. Viton, Teflon, and Kalrez are trademarks of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
SPR is a trademark of Van London Co.




The Industrial Insertion Hardware is unique in the fact that it allows you to use various types of electrodes without changing the hardware.  The TP571 series electrode is available for virtually any application that requires constant monitoring or control. They are manufactured to adapt to most controller / transmitters in existence today. It also offers improvements in electrode design by using a large surface Magna-Sens™ reference junction and a solid polymer reference gel.


Features Specifications
· Replaceable Sensor · Temperature Rating: -5 to 120°C
· Insert / Retract from a Live Line or Tank · Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI at 80°C
· 316L Stainless Steel   50 PSI at 120°C
· Viton O-Rings · Wetted Materials: 316L SS, Kynar®,
· Easy to Use  
Electrodes Options
· TP571 Replaceable Electrode, pH or ORP · Titanium
  · Hastelloy C
  · Kynar® (PVDF)
  · Length
  · O-rings
Ordering Information
· Part No. BVA571SS Insertion Assembly
· Part No. TP571 Electrode

Kynar is a Trademark of Arkema, Inc. Corporation
Viton is a Trademark of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.
LiveTap is a Trademark of Van London Co.
Magna-Sens is a Trademark of Van London Co.


ABB/BAT/TBI Direct Replacement Sensors

ABB-BAT-TBI Direct Replacement Sensors

This series of Van London Co. sensors are designed to retrofit the TBI/Bailey sensor assemblies. They are manufactured with a unique solid reference gel for extended life in the most severe applications.
Constructed of chemically resistant PVDF, with a porous Magna-Flow and/or a wood junction. The sensors are available for pH, ORP and ion selective electrode applications. These electrodes are now available with solution ground. Two unique options are available. The first option is manufacturing the electrode housing made of a chemically resistant conductive Ryton/Graphite. Option 2 is using an exposed platinum band located near the reference and pH bulb. Either of these options will work quite well in conjunction with the Van London Co. Differential Preamp for problem plagued applications. See ordering information.

Measuring Electrode
Range Temperature
1 0 - 12 0 - 80°C 50 PSIG
2 0 - 12 0 - 100°C 250 PSIG
3 0 - 14 0 - 120°C 250 PSIG
9 2 - 10 0 - 80°C 100 PSIG
7 & 8 +/- 5000 mV 0 - 120°C 250 PSIG
Maximum Pressure
& Temperature
Model Wetted
50 PSIG at 120°C TP511 PVDF, Ceramic Ag/AgCl
150 PSIG at 120°C TP531 (wood), Glass, Ag/AgCl
100 PSIG at 120°C TP561 Viton® O-ring Ag/AgCl
250 PSIG at 120°C TP671  


Standard cable length is 7 feet.