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AlpHa Measurement Solutions
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461 Differential pH and 3/4 Inch MPT Conventional pH V-4000
  • Improved Life and Performance
    Van London Co. electrode designs have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications and when manufactured with our Solid Polymer Reference™ fill the life of the electrode is prolonged and the overall performance of the electrode is enhanced.
  • Custom Styles
    Housings can be machined from numerous materials with several electrode guard designs and various insertion depths. Custom electrode designs can maximize sensor in harsh environments.
  • Quick Order Turn-around
    An inventory stocking arrangement reduces lead times from weeks to days. Housed electrodes generally consist of two parts: a 12mm glass-bodied electrode and a housing machined to accept that electrode. Minimal factory assembly is required before shipment to the customer site.
  • Easy, Low Cost Replacement
    Direct replacements are dimensionally matched to existing equipment so that no expensive retrofit changes are necessary. Simple, quick removal of the replacement element for Van London Co.  standardization is all that is required.
Measurement Types:   GXV - Multi-purpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)
Platinum Band - For ORP measurement (Gold optional)
Antimony - For pH measurements in Hydrofluoric Acid applications (2.00-7.00 pH) (0-80°C)


P65Warning WARNING: Cancer -


Reference Types:   SPR™ - Double junction, SOLID POLYMER REFERENCE (0-130°C)
Tuff-Tip™ - New design incorporating larger reference junction surface area & electrode guard.
LCJ - Dramatically increases the reference junction surface area. Standard material is ceramic, but porous Teflon and porous Kynar are available.

-  Call with Great Lakes part numbers for cross-reference to Van London Co. equivalents.
-  To build your own Part Numbers, first determine the electrode replacement, style required, and then replace the X's, Z's & Q's with selections listed in the drop down menu.
  Electrode Selection
461 -  Z X   : Differential pH/5 Wire Sensor/1" MPT Kynar™ housing
V-900 -  Z X 10 H : Conventional pH/1" MPT Kynar™ housing
  | |
  | Measuring Electrode Options
  | 0 ORP
  | V pH
3600105 Reducer, Kynar™ 1½" x 1"
9210082 Differential Refill Solution
1602100 461 Reference Junction
  Temperature Compensation (z)
  B PT100
  1 3K Balco
  7 NTC 300
458P - Z - XX - QQ Preamp Assembly
  | | |
  | | Connector Type
  | | SL Spade Lugs
  | | H Hanked (Tinned)
  | |
  | Lead Length
  | Specify lead length in even feet
  Preamp Section
  0 No Preamp
  5 (Conventional)
  G (Differential / 5 Wire)
  9210038 4.00pH, 7.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
  9210037 4.00pH, 7.00pH and 10.00pH (1 pint each)
  9210039 7.00pH, 10.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
  9210079 Anti-fouling solution to reduce electrode-coating problems
  9210008-125 Electrode storage solution KCl/4.00 pH buffer (125 ml)
 Eutech Instruments for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity & TDS:
  pH 2000 Controller (PI & on/off)
  pH 800 Controller (on/off)
  pH 200 Controller (on/off)
  pH 500 Transmitter