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Mark X Pneumatic Retractable Sensor Assembly For pH And ORP TEXT SIZE: A A A    PRINT THIS PAGE   EMAIL THIS PAGE
 Mark X Assembly
  • Low Cost Electrode Replacement
    An all-in-one electrode design incorporates the measuring, reference, and optional automatic temperature compensator (ATC) in one reducing inventory requirements.
  • O-ring and Ball Valve Arrangement
    Prevents process spray or process contamination of junction box or conduit, even in the event of electrode breakage.
  • Automatic Cleaning Capabilities
    Use of select microprocessor-based analyzers or a DCS will enable the assembly for automatic cleaning or calibration.
  • Quality "Built In"
    All Van London Co. assemblies and electrodes meet strict, documented quality control specifications, followed through each step of the manufacturing process.
  Mark X Pneumatic Retractable Sensor Assembly for pH AND ORP
The Van London Co. Mark X Pneumatic Retractable Sensor Assembly permits continuous pH or ORP monitoring where service must be performed without process interruption. It can be mounted vertically or inclined in reactors of pilot and production plant facilities. The replaceable electrode cartridge is sold separately and selected depending upon the application requirements. For maintenance, removal, or cleaning, the sealed electrode is withdrawn from the process during operation and into a separate locking chamber. O-ring placement within the assembly prevents process leakage even after repeated retraction. For electrode cartridge removal or sensor assembly over-haul, a ball valve is supplied for process isolation and additional safety.
Maximum Process Pressure:   80 PSI
Process Connection:   1" MPT (Stainless Steel)
Insertion Depth:   2" (standard)
Flushing Connections:   ¼" MPT
Compressed Air Connections:   ¼" MPT
Standard Materials of Construction:   316 SS, VIton® O-rings, Teflon® Valve Seat
To build your own part number, first determine the material of construction required and other items needed and then replace the x’s with selections listed in the drop-down menu:
MKX - x x x x : Mark X Pneumatic Retractable Assembly
  | | | |
  | | | Tube and Flushing Port Material
  | | | 1  Stainless Steel (standard)
  | | | 3  Hastelloy C
  | | |
  | | Tube Insertion Depth
  | | 2  2" (standard)
  | | X  Consult Factory for other available lengths
  | |
  | O-Ring Material for wetted parts
  | 2  Viton® (standard)
  | 3  Kalrez®
  Ball Valve
  0  No Ball Valve
  1  1" 316 SS 1-piece
  3  1" Hastelloy C 3-piece
NOTE: Electrodes are sold separately and other options are available.
Viton, Kalrez & Teflon are trademarks of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Company.