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AlpHa Measurement Solutions
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(Foxboro™ 871A) Foxboro™ 871A
(Foxboro™ 871) Foxboro™ 871
  • Improved Life and Performance
    Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) electrode designs have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications. In most cases, Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) replacements will outperform original equipment specifications.
  • Easy, Low Cost Replacement
    Replacement sensors are dimensionally matched to existing equipment so that no expensive retrofit changes are necessary. For standardization, simply remove the original element and replace with a Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) equivalent.
Measurement Types: GXV - Multi-purpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)
Platinum Band - For ORP measurement (0-130°C)
Antimony - For pH measurements in Hydrofluoric Acid applications (2.00-7.00 pH) (0-80°C)


P65Warning WARNING: Cancer -


Reference Types: SPR - Double junction, SOLID POLYMER REFERENCE (0-130°C)
Tuff Tip - New design incorporating larger reference junction surface area & electrode guard (0-130°C)
LCJ - Dramatically increases reference junction surface area. Standard material is ceramic but porous Teflon or porous Kynar are avaliable.
O-ring Material:   Viton® (standard)
Assembly Material:   Kynar® (standard)
Locking Pin:   304 Stainless Steel
Junction Material:   Ceramic (standard)
Temperature Compensator:   100 ohm (standard)
  • Call with Foxboro® part numbers for quick cross-referencing to Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) equivalents.
  • To build your own part number, first determine the electrode replacement and style required, then replace X's with selections listed in the drop-down menu.
 458P - X - XXH : Preamp Assembly
 F-100B : pH Electrode, (871) for use with 458P-4
 V-900B : pH Electrode, (871A) for use with 458P-4
  | |
  | Lead Length
  | Specify lead length in even feet
  2 Rosemount® 1181 & 1050
  4 Foxboro®
  5 Great Lakes Instrument® 1181 & 1050
  6 Honeywell/Leeds & Northrup®
  8 Rosemount® 1054, 1054A, 2054, 54 & Solucomp
  9 Rosemount® 2081 and 3081
For Solution Ground Diagnostics consult factory
  V-100B-20H : VL-PC Twist-Lock electrode with PT100
  1600143 : VL-PC Twist-Lock adapter Kynar
  1500143 : VL-PC Twist-Lock adapter 316 Stainless Steel
 Retractable pH
  MK7Z-10731110 : 316SS with 1" MPT process connection
  V-200B-2BH : pH electrode for MK7Z
  V-500B-20H : pH electrode in 1" MPT Kynar housing with PT100
  V-400B-20H : pH electrode in ¾" MPT Kynar housing with PT100
Electrode Solutions
9210038   4.00pH, 7.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210037   4.00pH, 7.00pH and 10.00pH (1 pint each)
9210039   7.00pH, 10.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210079   Anti-fouling solution to reduce electrode-coating problems
9210008-125   Electrode storage solution KCl/4.00 pH buffer (125 ml)
SPR is a trademark of Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.)
Kynar is a trademark of the Pennwalt Corporation.
Viton is a trademark of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Company.