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ABB (TBI) Replacements

This series of Van London Co. pH and ORP sensors are designed to retrofit the TBI/Bailey sensor assemblies. They are manufactured with a unique solid polymer reference gel for extended life in the most severe applications.

Endress + Hauser® Direct Replacements

This new line of direct replacements for E&H®-style electrodes is now available for a wide variety of pH or ORP applications. They are designed dimensionally to retrofit with existing installations. Expensive equipment changes are no longer necessary.

Fermprobe® Type Replacements pH/Redox Electrodes

This series of steam sterilizable and autoclavable pH electrodes and ORP electrodes has been designed to retro-fit the Broadley James Corp. FERMPROBE® ELECTRODE HOLDER.  These electrodes have been engineered as improved replacements using the same configuration as the original equipment.

Honeywell (L&N)

Van London Co. Housings can be machined from numerous materials with several electrode guard designs and various insertion depths. Custom electrode designs can maximize sensor in harsh environments.

Laboratory Electrodes

Van London Co. Laboratory electrodes are designed to be used in a variety of applications. These include water quality, soil pH, non-aqueous media, and education. Both glass and plastic body types are available.

Retractable Lock-N-Load Sensor Assembly

All you need to do is Lock-N-Load to install a pH or ORP electrode into any pipeline. This is the first in-line assembly that doesn't require ball valves, cables, or costly, complex hardware to quickly insert or remove an electrode from a pipeline without interrupting the process.


LpH - Non Glass pH Electrode for HF Applications

Mark 7 Series For pH And ORP Applications (Hot Tap)

The Mark 7 insertion assemblies permit continuous pH or ORP monitoring in pressurized vessels or lines.
Specifications are for mounting onto a weldalet, a pipe tee or flange. To reduce the maintenance
downtime required, electrode connections terminate inside an explosion-proof junction box which houses
the preamp as well.

Mark X Pneumatic Retractable Sensor Assembly For pH And ORP

The Van London Co. Mark X Pneumatic Retractable pH / ORP Sensor Assembly permits continuous pH or ORP monitoring where service must be performed without process interruption. It can be mounted vertically or inclined in reactors of pilot and production plant facilities.

Mettler (Ingold®) Direct Replacements

This new line of direct replacements for Mettler Ingold®-style electrodes is now available for a wide variety of pH or ORP applications. They are designed dimensionally to retrofit with existing installations. Expensive equipment changes are no longer necessary.

Micro Autoclavable Electrodes

This series of miniature steam sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small bench top fermentors and culture apparatus. The electrodes are designed to fit all 12mm and 6mm electrode holders or rubber stoppers used in bench top fermentors.

Model P821 Sensor

Specially designed for convenience of electrode replacement where minimal troubleshooting and maintenance downtime are of prime importance. The P821 is suitable for virtually all applications where a high performance sensor is required, either in-line or submersible installation. The electrode features a detachable cable with an integral preamplifier which eliminates any ground loop problems. The preamp converts the high impedance signal into a stable, noise free signal.

pHastTrac® 2000

The proven design of the pHastTrac® 2000 is ideal for applications in the food, process, pharmaceutical and many other industries where frequent cleaning and calibration of the pH and/or ORP electrode is required. Incorporated in this system is a clean / cal chamber that allows the user to remove the electrode from a process line or tank while maintaining production integrity.

Refillable pH and ORP Electrodes

This series of steam-sterilizable pH and ORP electrodes are designed for small fermentors where sterilization is performed in an autoclave in non-pressurized operation. The electrodes can withstand repeated sterilization up to 130°C and feature a detachable cable assembly insulated with a water tight connector.

Rosemount® Replacements

Van London Co. Rosemount® pH replacement sensors have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications. An inventory stocking arrangement reduces lead times from weeks to days. Housed electrodes generally consist of two parts: a 12mm glass-bodied electrode and housing machined to accept that electrode. Minimal factory assembly is required before shipment to the customer site.

Sealed In-Situ Sensor For Fermentation

This new generation, low cost, steam sterilizable insertion sensor is specifically designed for low maintenance requirements.   The assembly is low profile and features an easily replaceable, sealed, combination pH or ORP electrode.

Sensorex® & Signet® Replacements

The low profile design allows the process flow to clean the pH / ORP sensor tip, and with the addition of the Van London Co. Tuff Tip™ the bulb is protected from physical damage.

Submersible Sensors For pH, ORP & Conductivity Applications

The Mark I-A and Mark VI-B sensors will continuously monitor pH, ORP, and Conductivity in tanks, vessels, or canals where liquid levels tend to vary. Typical applications include chlorine cells, latex coagulation tanks, and effluent sumps. It can be installed in atmospherically sealed vessels with use of a tank mount fitting.

Threaded pH/ORP Sensors

These inline pH and ORP electrodes are designed for mounting on standard 1” or ¾” pipe tees for continuous pH or ORP flow-through monitoring. They are constructed with a sealed solid polymer reference which requires no pressurization or refilling during use. With the large reference surface area, reference clogging is not a problem.

Titration Electrodes

The Van London Co. Titrate electrodes are specially designed for all existing Brinkmann, Metrohm and Schott titration systems. The electrode body is constructed with a glass ground joint that will fit their titration vessels.

Tuff-Fet & Transmitter Non-Glass pH Electrodes

The Tuff-Fet™ sensor is a solid state, ion selective field-effect transistor or ISFET. This technology does not require a glass membrane, making it perfect for Food-Grade Applications.

Tuff-Tip Laboratory pH

The Tuff-Tip® is a robust alternative to the conventional laboratory pH electrodes where membrane breakage is a problem.
The Tuff-Tip® is compatible with almost all pH meters.

Twist-Lock Series For pH Or ORP Applications

The Twist-Lock™ sensor and adapter is designed to convert a standard pipe tee into a low cost, low maintenance flow-through sensor assembly. Only a ¼ turn is required for field maintenance or sensor replacement; threading is eliminated. The adapter is available in a variety of materials & connection sizes for easy installation.

Weld-In Sockets

25mm and 19mm Weld-In Sockets and accessories.

Yokogawa® Replacements

Van London Co. Yokogawa pH and ORP electrode replacement designs have been field proven in a variety of harsh applications. In most cases, direct replacements will outperform original equipment specifications.