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(cut away view)
with extension
Submersible pH Mark 1-A Cutaway View Submersible pH Mark VI-B with Extension


The Mark I-A and Mark VI-B sensors will continuously monitor pH, ORP, and Conductivity in tanks, vessels, or canals where liquid levels tend to vary. Typical applications include chlorine cells, latex coagulation tanks, and effluent sumps. It can be installed in atmospherically sealed vessels with use of a tank mount fitting (sold separately).


The Mark 1-A sensor was designed to be ordered as a complete assembly which does not require additional labor or materials (extension pipes, water sealants, wiring adapters or connectors). This sensor is supplied with a removable guard. The removable guard will simplify cleaning and reduce down-time as well as maintenance expense. Van London Co. has the capability of supplying the numerous electrode designs for maximum electrode life. Furthermore, the Mark 1-A can be customized to mate up with any pH/ORP transmitter commercially available.

The Mark VI-B incorporates a removable drilled guard for optimum protection against electrode breakage. "Front Load" electrode replacement requires minimal disassembly. An all-in-one electrode (measuring, reference and ATC) reduces replacement costs and inventory requirements.




Sensor Length:  48" is the standard 6"
Sensor Diameter:  ¾" 1¼"
Electrode Material:  pH - glass and ceramic
ORP - Platinum, glass and ceramic
Conductivity - stainless steel and PEEK
pH - glass and ceramic
ORP - Platinum, glass and ceramic
O-ring Material:  Viton® (standard) Viton® (standard)
Pressure Rating:  Atmospheric Atmospheric
Temperature Rating:  CPVC - 60°C
Kynar® - 100°C
Kynar® - 100°C
316SS - 130°C
Hastelloy - 130°C

 Process Connection / Adaptation: 3/4" MNPT rear threads

Create an electrode that is best suited for your application requirements using the sections below:
Measuring Types:  Platinum Band - For ORP measurement
Conductivity - Cell constants 0.1 and 1.0
GXV - Multi-purpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)
Reference Types:  DJ - Double ceramic reference junction
SPR - Double junction, SOLID POLYMER REEFERENCE (0-120°C)


Dimensional and Mounting Detail
Ditch Mount, Nipple Option, Vessel Mount, Removable Guard for Mark 1-A
Mark VI-B Assemblies & Accessories
1506601 Mark VI-B Sensor Housing (316SS)
1606601 Mark VI-B Sensor Housing (Kynar®)
1600506 Tank Mount Fitting for ¾" Pipe (Kynar®)
1600650 ¾" Extension Pipe, 48" length (Kynar®)
Replacement Electrodes for Mark VI-B
V - 001 Z - XX QQ Combination pH Electrode
79 Z 6420 - XX QQ Combination ORP Electrode
  | | |
  | | Connector Type
  | | H Hanked (tinned)
  | | BH Male BNC & Hanked (tinned)
  | |
  | Lead Length
  | Specify lead length in even feet
  Automatic Temperature Compensator (ATC)
  0 None
  B 100 ohms @ 0°C (PT100)
  1 3000 ohms @ 25°C
Additional styles are available. Consult the factory for options.
713/772-6641 or 800/522-7920

To build your own part number, first determine the sensor style required and then replace X's, Z's & Q's with selections listed in the drop down menus below. Call the factory if application assistance is required.

Mark 1-A Sensor Assemblies (pH & ORP)
V - 320  Z - XX XX Kynar®
V - 300  Z - XX XX CPVC
  | | |
  | | Connector Style
  | | H Hanked (tinned)
  | | SL Spade Lug
  Temperature Compensator | BS Male BNC & Spade Lug
  1 3000 ohm | BH Male BNC & Hanked
  B 100 ohm | BT Male BNC & Molex
  Lead Length (in even feet)
Mark 1-A Sensor Assemblies (Conductivity)
C1 X X X 1 - 20 SL Mark 1-A Conductivity Sensor
  | | |
  | | Cell Constant
  | | 2 0.1
  | | 4 1.0
  | |
  | Temperature Compensator
  | B PT100 ohm
  | L 10K ohm
  | E PT1000 ohm
  Material of Construction
  2 CPVC
  6 Kynar®
Additional styles are available. Consult the factory for options.
713/772-6641 or 800/522-7920
Electrode Solutions
9210038 4.00pH, 7.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210037 4.00pH, 7.00pH and 10.00pH (1 pint each)
9210039 7.00pH, 10.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
Transmitter Temp. Comp. Cable Connector
ABB/TBI 515 1 BS
   1181 w/preamp in transmitter * SL
   1181 w/remote preamp * BH
   2081, 3081, 4081, 5081, 1055 & XMT B H
Honeywell w/preamp 9 H
Ingold/Mettler Toledo B H  
Endress & Hauser, Foxboro, Yokogawa B H
Great Lakes Inst. B (conventional)  
Great Lakes Inst. 7 (differential)  
* Preamp dependant - Consult Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) sales staff.
Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc. Corporation.
Viton, Teflon, and Kalrez are registered trademarks of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.