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Welcome to the Foxboro Replacement Electrode page.

Van London Co. specializes in custom and replacement pH and ORP electrodes. We have the technical expertise and resources to manufacture replacement electrodes for Foxboro equipment as well as most major manufacturers. We have our own in-house machine shop, with 2 CNC lathes and 9 hand lathes to facilitate a faster machining time. We also blow our own glass with 12 induction heaters and 15 glass lathes. Of our 124 employees, 44 have been with our company for more than 15 years ensuring the technical experience required to exact precise specifications. Our replacement electrodes are manufactured to precise specifications, form and fit ensuring that no expensive retrofit changes are necessary.

Below you will find a handy cross-reference table listing all of the Foxboro electrode replacements we currently manufacture. If there is a hyperlink, please click to see the specification page. If the part number in which you are interested is not listed, please click below to contact our technical team as we are confident we can assist and meet your needs.

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