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Specially designed for convenience of electrode replacement where minimal troubleshooting and maintenance downtime are of prime importance. The P821 is suitable for virtually all applications where a high performance sensor is required, either in-line or submersible installation. The electrode features a detachable cable with an integral preamplifier which eliminates any ground loop problems. The preamp converts the high impedance signal into a stable, noise free signal.

Model P821 Sensor
Model P821 Sensor

The sensor is housed in a chemically resistant, graphite filled Ryton® with Viton® O-Rings. The graphite filled Ryton body is used as a solution ground. The electrode tip is constructed in a unique Tuff Tip® guarded tip design with a Magna-Sens® peripheral ceramic reference junction. The Magna-Sens reference junction provides longer life in harsh, dirty applications and in process solutions containing a high solid content. It is also superior in applications such as lime slurry waste treatment, paper machine headbox and pigment / dye applications. The reference does not require electrolyte replenishment during the life of the electrode.

Standard Features

In-Line or Submersible
¾ Inch MNPT Process Fittings
Temperature Compensated
Detachable Differential Preamp
Solution Ground
Graphite Filled Ryton® Housing
Magna-Sens® Reference Junction
Tuff Tip® pH Electrode End
Self Cleaning
Compatible With Most Analyzers


pH Range: GX-V: 0-14 pH
Temperature: 0°C to 120°C
Maximum Pressure: 100 PSIG at 70°C
Wetted Materials: Glass, Graphite Filled Ryton, Ceramic
Process Connections: ¾ Inch MNPT
Cable Length: 10 Feet (Longer Cables Available)

Single Ended Preamp
Platinum or Gold Disc ORP Sensor
Detachable Cable with No Preamp

Ryton is a Trademark of Phillips 66 Co.
Viton is a Trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
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