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Tri-Probe pH/Temperature Epoxy Body Combination Electrode TEXT SIZE: A A A    PRINT THIS PAGE   EMAIL THIS PAGE

Tri-Probe pH/Temperature Epoxy Body Electrode


Tri-Probe pH Sensors

Part No. Description
P1V210-3BI8 Combo pH, 30K NTC, Standard BNC and 8 Pin Din Connector, Sealed Ref.
P2V210-3BX Combo pH, PT100 ATC, BNC Connector, X=Specify Connector Type
P4V210-3BX Combo pH, PT1000 ATC, BNC Connector, X=Specify Connector Type
P7V210-3BG1 Combo pH, 10K Thermistor, Standard BNC and 2.5mm Audio Plug, Sealed Ref.
P10V210-3BG Combo pH, 30K NTC Standard BNC and 3.5mm Audio Plug, Sealed Ref.
P14V210-3BE Combo pH, 30K NTC Standard BNC and RCA Connector, Sealed Reference
*Note: Custom ATC and Connectors are available. Please contact our Sales Team for ordering information.